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Augmented Reality can be a great tool to impress your clients and leave an unforgettable mark. From image recognition to story telling in AR the opportunities to create great content are endless.

Augmented Reality is now recognised as a valuable and commercial sales tool with exciting ROI opportunities. AR encourages inquisitive human nature and sense of play through intuitive exploratory content which is proven to greatly enhance experiential products or services.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is exactly what the name suggests, it is when a different reality is overlayed onto your pre-existing reality using certain devices such as smartphones and smart-glasses. Computer-generated images of a different setting are superimposed on your device to alter your perspective of reality.

Augmented Reality has applications on almost every field; from healthcare to real estate there is room to implement AR. It can be used with patients to display their anatomy, or doctors can use it to have guides during surgeries that require immense accuracy.

In most augmented reality applications the user sees both worlds, i.e. synthetic and natural light, simultaneously. To put it simple, this is achieved by overlaying projected images on top of a phone or glass which allow the images and interactive virtual objects to layer on top of the user’s view of the real world.

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